About Us

Our goal is to encourage people to read books. Basically those who can’t afford to buy books, Again many are unable to buy books due to lack of time, some are staying out of the country again Many people have the ability and time again but can’t afford to go to the library and buy books because of my small effort. We have arranged for you to download pdf file of books in a very easy way which you will get for free.

Our work is guided by the following core values:

    • Authenticity: We strive to stay true to the text by checking and verifying our data and numbering with well-known printed editions.
    • Comprehensiveness: Our goal is to make the language of the books as understandable as possible and the means of collecting the books are presented to you by the author and translator.
    • Usability and accessibility: You can use our posts at your convenience using any of your devices And you can easily download the books pdf file, we are committed to that.
    • Open: We provide an open platform. You can download and read any book for free using our website.
  • About the Website:

Our newly collected books can be found on the home page of our website. And we are constantly collecting books and making our collection bigger for you. You will get literature, Islamic books, English books, children’s books, school college books, admission guide, computer, internet, freelancing books, outsourcing books, novel, Story, Liberation war, Politics, health care and healing, etc for free.

  • Important Note:

It is normal for people to make mistakes. We collect our books in different ways. If you feel any kind of problem in any of our posts, be sure to let us know by commenting from our contact page. We will take appropriate action. And if you have difficulty downloading or collecting a book, be sure to leave a comment.

I think there is no substitute for books if you want to gain knowledge. So let’s all read books and encourage others to read books. There is no alternative to education for the development of a country and a nation. So let us all be well educated and play an important role in the development of the country and the nation.